Brain Injury Lawyer Arlington, VA

Brain Injury Lawyer Arlington, VA

As a brain injury lawyer Arlington, VA trusts from The Law Offices of Ryan Quinn, PLLC knows that suffering from a brain injury can forever change your life. If you have suffered from a brain injury or someone you love has, you should consider speaking with an attorney as soon as possible about filing a claim against the responsible party. While some brain injuries can heal with the help of a medical professional, many can cause permanent, lasting damage that you never fully recover from. Don’t hesitate to hold the liable party responsible; call our office to schedule a consultation with our team now. 

What symptoms should I look out for with a brain injury? 

A brain injury can have many different symptoms or, sometimes, not show obvious signs. If you were in an accident and suffered from the following symptoms, you may have a brain injury:

  • Ear ringing
  • Headaches
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Confusion
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Memory loss
  • Fluid leaking from your nose or ears
  • Problems concentrating

These are just a few of the signs of a brain injury, and our Arlington, Virginia brain injury lawyer encourages you to see a doctor even if you are not experiencing these symptoms after an accident. 

Do head injury symptoms happen immediately after the accident? 

Not necessarily. Head injuries are among the most dangerous types of injury you can get because symptoms may not show up for days or weeks. If you have been to the doctor and did not find any injuries but feel symptoms of your injury, know your rights and go back for more information or receive a second medical opinion. 

I didn’t lose consciousness. Could I still have a brain injury? 

Yes, just because you did not lose consciousness doesn’t mean you don’t have a brain injury. You should still seek help after you injured your head, especially if you are experiencing other symptoms.

What must I prove to receive compensation? 

When you want to receive compensation for a head injury, you will need to show that someone else acted negligently and caused you to have a head injury. You will need evidence showing that you did sustain a head injury and experienced losses as a result. Filing your claim must happen within the statute of limitations. If you would like to see how a trusted brain injury lawyer in Arlington, Virginia from The Law Offices of Ryan Quinn, PLLC, can help you, call us now.  

Tips for Managing a Brain Injury Case

As our brain injury lawyer Arlington, VA victims rely on will tell you, the days, weeks, and months following a brain injury can be full of trials and tribulations. While brain injuries can range in severity, they can become incredibly complicated and profoundly impact a victim’s way of life. Injuries sustained from an accident are complex and will often take both victims’ and their families’ full attention when managing the recovery process. Swift action is critical, and while it may feel overwhelming, the guidance of The Law Offices of Ryan Quinn, PLLC, can play an essential role. Our attorney can alleviate some of the stress felt by victims and families and help take control of the legal components following the accident. We know that the time ahead will be difficult, and keeping the following tips in mind can ensure as smooth of a process as possible: 

Tip #1: Focus on Your Recovery

Following an accident that has resulted in a brain injury, taking the time to focus on the recovery process will be critical. Not only is it imperative that you seek medical care, but you should also follow all recommendations from your medical provider. This is key for several reasons. First, you will want to be sure that you achieve the best possible recovery for your condition. Secondly, adhering to medical recommendations from your provider not only helps to build your case but also shows that, as a victim, you are doing everything in your power to obtain the best possible outcome for your condition. 

Tip #2: Do Not Minimize Your Condition

Our brain injury lawyer serving Arlington, VA, knows that many may choose to ignore or minimize their condition. It can be challenging to come to terms with an injury that can be possibly debilitating. However, by claiming that you are fine, you put the compensation you could be entitled to at risk. When a brain injury is obtained, and as a victim, you are impacted, you will not want to minimize your condition but be sure that you receive the care you need. In the long run, this ensures you receive the necessary care, and the extent of your brain injury is fully outlined should legal action be in your best interest. 

Tip #3: Gather Evidence

Your lawyer will recommend that you begin gathering evidence right from the start. Evidence can help to ensure that you have the proof needed to support your claim. If you have a brain injury resulting from negligence, evidence will help ensure the best possible outcome. Start by gathering the following: 

  • Statements from Eyewitnesses
  • Medical Records
  • Your Account of the Accident and Injuries
  • Photographs of the Accident
  • +More

Brain injuries can have a significant impact on a person’s overall functioning. At The Law Offices of Ryan Quinn, PLLC, we know that you will have many legal options available. While choosing a lawyer can be overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be. By choosing us, you will find that we provide our clients with the respect and support they deserve during this challenging time. We will treat you like more than just a number by providing you with the reliable, competent, compassionate legal support you deserve during this challenging time. Please don’t wait another moment to contact our Arlington, Virginia brain injury lawyer for the help you deserve.