Car Accident Lawyer Arlington, VA

Car Accident Lawyer Arlington, VAAfter suffering from injuries in a car accident, you may be looking for a car accident lawyer Arlington, VA offers. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Ryan Quinn, PLLC are here to help you with your claim and work hard to get you the compensation you deserve. If you were in a car accident in Virginia, it is important to understand how liability is determined and what that means for receiving compensation. We will gather the necessary evidence to show that the other party is responsible for the injuries you are suffering from and will speak with the other driver’s insurance on your behalf to negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement. To see how else we can help you, call our office now.

How is compensation determined in Virginia? 

In any sate, it is important to remember that there is a duty of care expected by every driver on the road. This means that every driver behind the wheel of an automobile should be following the driver safety laws to the best of their abilities and ensuring they do not harm other drivers, bicyclists, or pedestrians on the road. However, our Arlington, Virginia car accident lawyer knows that when someone acts negligently or recklessly on the road, they greatly increase the risk of harming others. To prove negligence for your claim, we will want to show:

  1. The other driver involved had a duty of care. This means to keep you safe, they needed to do or not do a certain thing;
  2. The driver was being negligent and did not uphold this duty of care; 
  3. Because they did not uphold this duty, they caused an accident to occur that involved you; 
  4. This accident specifically caused you to become injured and/or suffer from property damage. 

Do I have to go to court? 

Going to court will depend on a few things: whether an appropriate settlement can be reached outside of court and how aggressively you want to pursue compensation. If we speak with the other driver’s insurance agents and they offer us a fair settlement for all of your injuries and the damage that was done, we do not have to go to court. If they do not give us a fair offer, we will encourage you to pursue compensation more aggressively by litigation.

If you would like to learn more about car accident compensation in Virginia, contact our trusted car accident lawyer in Arlington, VA now.