Personal Injury Lawyer Arlington, VA

Personal Injury Lawyer Arlington, VA

If you have been injured by negligence, please call a personal injury lawyer in Arlington, VA today. 

What Do I Need to Know About Filing a Personal Injury Claim in Virginia?

Injuries happen every day, often when you least expect them. An unavoidable accident causes some, and others occur because of another person’s negligent action or inaction. Moderate to severe injuries might leave you with several pressing questions. For example, how will you pay your medical bills? Who is at fault? Or, Do You Have a Claim?

What Are Personal Injuries?

Personal injury law is an umbrella for many different types of injuries and situations. There are various laws, rules, and circumstances that can be included. Before you assume anything, you should talk with an Arlington, VA personal injury lawyer. Some of the most common types of personal injury cases we handle include:

Vehicular Negligence – When a person fails to pay attention, is speeding or acts recklessly while driving, they may be negligent and liable for any accident they are involved in.

Bike Accidents – Bicyclists face many risks, especially from other cars or poor management of bike lanes. 

Workplace Accidents – Negligence, failure to train, or defective parts are just some causes of a workplace accident. Even though workers’ compensation may be available, some cases are applicable for personal injury damages. 

Medical Malpractice – When a medical professional causes a mistake and a patient is harmed, they may be found liable. Examples include failure to diagnose, failure to treat, prescribing the wrong medication, and more. 

Nursing Home Abuse – Staff at a nursing home have many duties. If they fail to adhere to these duties, and a patient is harmed, a personal injury claim can often be filed. Examples of abuse might include failure to treat bedsores, poor hygiene, sexual abuse, over-medicating, and more. 

Premise Liability – These cases may include injuries resulting from a slip and fall, trip and fall, drowning, electrocution, poor lighting, lack of security, and more. 

Product Liability – When a product was poorly designed or manufactured, and an injury results, a personal injury lawyer in Arlington, VA, might pursue a product liability claim. These claims are often included in lawsuits and may involve large corporations. It would be best if you had a lawyer on your side. 

Wrongful Death – Any injury caused by negligence or wrongdoing with death resulting may result in a wrongful death claim. These cases could warrant compensation for family members. 

Government Injuries – It is possible to be injured because of the negligent actions of a government municipality or entity. These cases are not the same as standard personal injury cases. There are different regulations, time limits, and rules to follow. Although it is possible to recover compensation from the government, it is not easy. You should have a lawyer on your side. 

Regardless of the extent of your injuries, it is recommended that you get legal advice from a personal injury lawyer in Arlington, Virginia. We can review your case and help you understand whether you can file a claim and what legal options may be available. 

I Was Denied, Now What?

In some situations, it’s possible for the insurance company to deny your claim. Should this occur, it is time to get the legal help you can trust from a personal injury lawyer Arlington, VA recommends at The Law Offices of Ryan Quinn, PLLC. When someone else’s negligence has injured you, it should not be on you to foot the bill and deal with the repercussions. We firmly believe that the at-fault party should pay for their actions that injured you. If you want to learn how to fight a claim that an insurance company denied, call our office now.

We look forward to working with you. 

Why would the insurance company have denied my claim? 

In some instances, insurance agents may have legitimate reasons for denying a claim. A claim may be denied because a person did not report the accident they were in on time, they were not honest about the types of injuries they had, or they did not get the medical treatment they needed shortly after their accident. Our Arlington, Virginia personal injury lawyer always encourages our clients to be honest when discussing the accident and their injuries. Still, we also discourage our clients from speaking with the liable party’s insurance company. 

Is there anything we can do if my claim was denied? 

Yes, there may not be a good reason the insurance company denied your claim, and we can work to appeal this decision. One of the first things we can do if your claim was denied is send a demand letter. This letter will state the events that transpired from the accident, the injuries you suffered, and the damages you are facing. This means you could be experiencing severe financial loss for things like: 

  • Hospital visits
  • Surgeries
  • Physical therapy
  • Inability to work/loss of pay
  • Pain and suffering

When we send a demand letter, we can expect the insurance company to respond by giving more details for why they denied the claim in the first place. In some situations, they may accept that you have a legitimate claim and either offers a lower settlement or agree to what we are asking. If the insurance company continues to deny your request, we may recommend going forward with a lawsuit. 

Speak With Us Now! 

If you want to learn more about appealing a denied personal injury claim, speak with our personal injury lawyer in Arlington, Virginia, today! 

Reasons to Avoid Posting to Social Media

Our personal injury lawyer Arlington, VA victims recommend will share that following an injury; there are many missteps victims take that can be incredibly impactful to the outcome of their case. While this may seem innocent enough, sometimes, these actions can have a profound impact. If you have been injured, you won’t want to find yourself regretting things you did or said following an accident. Contacting The Law Offices of Ryan Quinn, PLLC, may be a critical component to receiving skilled and experienced representation and ensuring that victims take the right steps from the very start of their case. Among the top mistakes, a victim can make is posting information about the accident on social media. While social media has many benefits, there is no place for it in your personal injury claim. By doing so, your case could be deeply impacted. 

Posting to Social Media

Social media is a common way for people to remain connected to those near and far. As a society, the vast majority of people access social media platforms in one way or another. When an accident victim posts about their accident on social media, anything you share could be used against you. While posting a photo of your injury of the motor vehicle crash may seem harmless enough, be aware that it may not work in your favor. Our Arlington, Virginia personal injury lawyer shares important reasons not to post on social media sites about your accident: 

Social Media is Admissible Against You

Typically anything said outside of the courtroom can be classified as inadmissible because it’s considered hearsay. Because the personal injury claim is about you, any statements made or content about your case posted on social media may be used against you in court. You can’t always control the conversation on social media, and no matter how much control you think you have, it can quickly begin to work against you in your case. If you post a picture of a car accident you were in, people will naturally post comments. Should you or a family member respond with additional information, it can be presented in court. For example, responding to someone by telling them you are uninjured or that everyone is okay may be misconstrued. The opposing counsel may use this information to prove that you were not as injured as you are presenting to the court. 

Social Media Can Bring Your Claim into Question

Social media can add a layer of complications to your legal claim. Many may not realize that even an innocent post about something completely separate can cause problems. For example, if you post content of yourself running a 5k, skiing, or participating in some other form of physical activity, it may contradict the damages you are entitled to. This can lead the opposing side to question the validity of your claim. 

Privacy Settings Don’t Always Matter

While you may believe that privacy settings can protect you, social media privacy settings don’t matter when managing a personal injury case. The harsh reality is that once something is posted to social media, it is out there forever. The opposing counsel can attempt to obtain information from people who have access to your account or through the discovery process. Even if your account is private, the defendant’s attorney can request social media records. 

We Can Help

If you have already posted to social media, a lawyer can help with navigating the situation. Social media posts can be damaging, but deleting the post or taking it down can make matters worse as it may appear as though you have something to hide. The assistance of The Law Office of Ryan Quinn, PLLC, can help guide and navigate what comes next. If you have concerns or need support following an accident, schedule a consultation with our Arlington, VA personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.