Car Accident Lawyer in Alexandria, VA

You were following the rules of the road, but the driver behind you decided to forget about their brakes – and now you’re in need of a car accident lawyer in Alexandria, Virginia. Fortunately, at the Law Offices of Ryan Quinn, PLLC, we understand your frustration – and we understand that you could be entitled to money in damages, too.

Car Accidents: More than Just a Headache

Car accidents are common, and there’s a high probability that you’ll be involved in at least one over the course of your lifetime (if you haven’t already). They can be a major headache, and they can disrupt your daily routine pretty severely: Not only are you unable to commute to work, but you’re also suddenly dealing with a frustrating maze of insurance, repairs, and possibly even medical bills.

Unfortunately, car accidents are a fact of life, and they’re more frequent than any of us would like to think. No two cases are alike, and as cars grow more and more high-tech, there’s more and more variables to consider if you’re trying to determine the responsible party behind your accident. Maybe the other driver was texting, or distracted with their fancy infotainment system. Or maybe they took a more old-school approach to irresponsible driving: They could have been drunk or otherwise intoxicated.

When it comes to car accidents, securing compensation to cover for your injuries can be a challenge in itself – to say nothing of your physical recovery if you were injured. Whatever the cause, the bottom line is that you were involved in a car accident because of someone else’s negligence, and that’s a battle that nobody should have to fight alone.

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Determining who should be held responsible for your injuries after a car accident can be a difficult process, especially if you have to spend time in the hospital, physical therapy, or at home recovering. Fortunately, a car accident lawyer in Alexandria, VA can help you thoroughly investigate your case to see who should be held accountable for your injuries.

You might think your car accident is the end of the road, but in reality, it’s the start of a long, drawn-out battle. Insurance companies are notoriously slow to release a proper payment (they collect money on interest), and you might be left grasping at straws to stay afloat over the course of your recovery. A skilled car accident lawyer from the Law Offices of Ryan Quinn, PLLC can make all the difference.

At the Law Offices of Ryan Quinn, PLLC, we know how frustrating a car accident can be. We know how overwhelmed, burnt out, and completely lost you might be feeling. But fortunately, we also know the right way forward. Unlike other car accident law firms, we’re dedicated to providing personalized case management to each and every one of our clients – and that means guiding you through all the legal paperwork and difficult steps necessary to win the compensation you deserve.

Types of Psychological Injuries Caused By Car Accidents

When many people think about car accidents, they imagine physical injuries, like broken bones and head injuries. However, these accidents can also result in psychological injuries, including:

  • Depression. It’s not uncommon for car accident victims to suffer from depression. For example, if you suffered severe physical injuries and can no longer perform normal activities, it might lead to depression. If you experience depression, it can lead to hopelessness, irritability, difficulty concentrating and trouble sleeping.
  • Anxiety. Getting into a car accident can also lead to anxiety in some people. Anxiety can be a major disruption in your life and cause nervousness, chest pain, nausea, dizziness and other unpleasant symptoms.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder. Since a car accident is a traumatic event, it can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder in some. Common symptoms of this disorder include recurring flashbacks of the accident, paranoia and avoiding things that remind you of the accident.

How to Deal with Psychological Injuries

Dealing with psychological injuries following a car accident isn’t easy. However, if you take the proper steps, you may be able to make a full recovery.

  • Seek mental health therapy. If you’re suffering from emotional trauma after a car accident, it may be necessary to speak to a licensed mental health therapist. He or she can help you work through your emotional wounds and teach you healthy coping mechanisms. Your car accident lawyer in Alexandria, VA may be able to help you pursue compensation for mental health therapy.
  • Lean on others for support. Too many people withdraw from others after a car accident. This can actually make things worse. Instead, lean on close family members and friends for support. Don’t be afraid to talk about your feelings with them.
  • Remain physically active. If your physical injuries aren’t keeping you from moving around, try to stay as active as possible. Exercising can make your body release endorphins, which can improve your mood. Do exercises you enjoy, like walking, dancing or swimming.
  • Get enough sleep. When you’re dealing with emotional trauma after a car accident, it’s even more important to get eight hours of sleep a night. Skimping on sleep can make you more irritable and anxious.
  • Avoid alcohol. If you have psychological injuries from a car accident, having alcoholic beverages may help you relax initially. However, alcohol can be harmful to your mental health in the long run.

Don’t hesitate – reach out to a qualified car accident lawyer in Alexandria, VA, and see how the Law Offices of Ryan Quinn, PLLC can help you today.