DUI Accident Lawyer Arlington, VA DUI Accident Lawyer Arlington, VA

At The Law Offices of Ryan Quinn, PLLC, a DUI accident lawyer Arlington, VA residents trust knows that it isn’t always the guilty who are arrested. Even innocent people who only appeared to have been doing something illegal may end up in handcuffs, due to a misunderstanding or incorrect assumption. This may lead many people to wondering how an officer determines whether a person is driving while under the influence of alcohol. The repercussions for such a conviction can include a loss of freedom due to jail time, emptied bank accounts due to paying off fines, less employment opportunities due to a mark on personal record, and a damaged reputation among the community. 

If you or a loved one was recently arrested on DUI charges, we urge you to call our law office now for immediate guidance.

Does the officer assume a person is intoxicated based on appearance?

An officer who pulls over a driver on suspicion of being drunk, may look for certain visual clues such as bloodshot eyes, red cheeks, scent of alcohol on breath, messy appearance, and slurred speech. After having a conversation with the driver, the officer may deem him or her unfit to operate a vehicle based on all of these signs. The driver may then be asked to have a breathalyzer for alcohol content to determine the level of intoxication. 

Is it possible the test was inaccurate?

Yes, there is a chance the breathalyzer test was inaccurate, if it was faulty to begin with or was not calibrated properly. An inexperienced officer may have forgotten to reset the device before testing the next driver, which can easily lead to a false reading. The blood and/or urine sample provided by a driver may have been mishandled or was mixed up with another person’s information.

A driver who feels that something wasn’t right with how the arrest came to be, may want to consult with a DUI accident lawyer in Arlington, Virginia about the situation. If the officer made a mistake, then the driver may have the charges greatly minimized or even dropped entirely. 

What consequences may I face if convicted of a DWI?

It is usually highly recommended that any person facing a criminal charge such as a DWI obtains legal assistance immediately. If these arrests aren’t taken seriously, the accused may face more serious consequences than he or she anticipated. A judge that is heavy on punishments for DUI offenders, may require the driver to go to jail, no longer has the right to bear arms, is forced to complete a rehabilitation program, has to participate in community service, and must have license revoked for a duration of time. 

What if I have no other way to get to work or class after my license is suspended?

Not being able to drive to and from work or school, can have a huge impact on the driver’s ability to continue upholding life responsibilities. A lawyer can be an advocate for the driver’s good behavior and character, to convince the judge that harsh repercussions are not required for a lesson to be learned. The sooner you speak with a reputable VA DUI accident lawyer from Arlington at The Law Offices of Ryan Quinn, PLLC, the more time we have to build a case in your defense.